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Our Firm

Capsquare Asia was founded with a singular goal: the betterment of communities through sustainable growth in the firm’s portfolio companies. We have and will always strive to work together with our business partners to not only maximize the value of our investments, but also to create a wider footprint of our business and to bring economic empowerment to the regions in which our portfolios operate.

Since its founding in 2012, Capsquare Asia has delivered differentiated, hands-on experience to its portfolio companies, which has resulted in above-market growth rates and far-reaching positive effect brought on by strong financial performance.

Capsquare Asia is supported by a team of 30 full-time professionals with local as well as international industry insights.

Currently, Capsquare Asia manages investments on behalf of European, Asian and American endowments funds, pension funds, development financial institutions, and other institutional investors.

Our Methodology


Capsquare Asia seeks to invest in temporary control or majority stakes in Southeast Asian companies within the middle market segment in consumer driven segments such as consumer goods, retail, education, manufacturing and healthcare.

The firm has a dedicated, full-time, in-house value creation team whose members are prepared to be seconded to the portfolio companies to serve on the executive board on a day-to-day basis. We work closely with management teams in an active role in order to unleash the full potential of the portfolio companies. Capsquare Asia prefers to support and work together with existing management teams to buy out businesses or to grow their companies.

To unleash the full potential of our portfolio companies, the firm focuses on:

  • Improving their sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, as well as debottlenecking key processes across the value chain;

  • Evolving the portfolio companies’ processes to include digitalization, artificial intelligence, automatization and applying the right technology; and

  • Expanding the portfolio companies’ business footprint to other countries in Southeast Asia.

After our portfolio companies have reached a certain level of growth, ideally, Capsquare Asia will then list the portfolio company in the stock exchange (IPO) and maintain significant minority positions in the companies.

Our Team

Our team consists of 30 full-time professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences in private equity, corporate finance, management consulting, operations, sales, marketing, retail, finance, and human capital.

As our portfolios grow, so does our team. We constantly bring in the most energetic, creative, and forward-looking minds with shrewd business acumen.

Capsquare Asia’s team works very closely with our business partners, including management teams, entrepreneurs and founders.


our Portfolios

Casual Dining Restaurants

With more than 250 owned outlets and market-leading growth rate, our portfolio company is one of the region’s fastest-growing F&B retail platforms, with plans to branch out to various regions in Southeast Asia.

The portfolio company has grown through robust same-store sales growth, rapid outlet expansion and very strong online-driven food delivery growth.

The multi-brand platform represents a complete, multi-cuisine product portfolio that appeals to a variety of appetites, supported by a centralized production system that ensures consistency throughout the platform.

Each year, our training center is dedicated to improving and promoting no less than 1,000 skilled labor every year in the industry, which in turn leads to a sustainable increase in job creation.

Honey And Traditional Herbal Company

We aim to further build upon the portfolio company’s 50 years of heritage and strong brand equity while preserving honey and traditional herbal medicine as an integral part of Southeast Asia’s unique cultural identity.

Equipped with modernized manufacturing facilities, our portfolio company is among the few manufacturers in its sector that are ISO certified, which, in addition to local Good Manufacturing Practice licenses, provide assurance to its consumers of its focus on excellent product quality.

Our company not only nurtures local farmers and honey collectors, but also actively engages with and trains our suppliers through our partnership program.

Recognizing the importance of waste water treatment, our environmental policies ensured that the company establish proper waste water treatment plants in its factories.

Flavor And Fragrance Company

The portfolio company leverages its sustainable supply chain dominance of raw materials native to Southeast Asia to fulfill the global demand of aroma chemicals and essential oils.

Through its unique partnership program, our company nurtures local farmers and empowers women while strengthening its value chain.

Our REACH certification accelerates global customer acquisition, particularly for the European Union market; this is further supported by access to the best ingredients, state-of-the-art facilities, strong management team, and collaboration with multiple partners to support our business.

Positive social and environmental impact are highlighted by the successful development of value-add manufacturing capability to process products that were previously exported unprocessed.

Luxury Lifestyle And Home Décor

The portfolio company enjoys strong luxury brand heritage, which will be supported through our investment in people (by adding professionalized management team) and capital to support further growth regionally.

We empower women artisans through a program for SME vendors, which has led to a 96% growth in overall job creation and reflects overall community support.

With distinguished home-grown brands that are recognized internationally, and strong growth potential from product cross-pollination, our portfolio company is poised to capture a lion’s share of the market.

Unique intellectual property in form of an extensive design library reflecting multiple decades’ worth of design collection.

Automotive Parts

Our investment in this company leverages upon the continued emergence of the automotive industry in Southeast Asia, which recently benefited from the re-orientation of global supply chains due to increasing trade tensions.

By adopting improvements in automation and efficiency, the portfolio company has won awards and developed a strong reputation as one of the premier auto parts suppliers in the region.

The investment will contribute to SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDG9 (Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure). In addition, Capsquare Asia supports the company with its environmental, social and corporate governance management system.

The portfolio company acts as a one-stop strategic partner and provides a comprehensive suite of services to its principals, starting with the strategic ability to design and manufacture dies and jigs for the automotive parts.

our investors

Our investor base consists of well-established international institutional investors that are experienced in the private equity asset class and share Capsquare Asia’s vision of the betterment of communities through sustainable growth in the firm’s portfolio companies.

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